Finger Grill Charcoal

D&O Global Integrated Services is one of the leading exporters of 100% quality Finger Grill Charcoal in bulk. Charcoal is the blackish residue consisting of impure carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, i.e. the heating of wood, sugar, bone char, or other substances in the absence of oxygen. The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal and is 85% to 98% carbon with the remainder consisting of volatile chemicals and ash.

Hardwood charcoal is made from natural wood which is in turn used to make Finger Grill Charcoal. The charcoal consists of less moisture, and about 80-98% carbon which means less smoke and longer burning time (of up to 3hrs) it is ecofriendly.

Ayin wood is the prime charcoal in Africa with a long burning time and calorific value.

Hardwood charcoal for grilling enthusiasts, this is a product of great value. Hardwood charcoal is said to be the building block for anything to do with grilling. In the past, people used to rely on charcoal briquettes for their grilling needs. However, hardwood or lump charcoal as it is known in some regions of the world has proved to be the preferred choice for many expert grillers. Using hardwood charcoal requires a little more experience because the heat produced is variable.

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Shape: Finger shape / Long stick

Wood: Ayin

Ash content

3% - 4% max

Volatile matter

5% - 10% max


30mm – 180mm


75% - 85%




20kg, 25kg, 32kg Sacks as agreed.


1*40’FCL (20-21MT)


20 Tons






No chemical mix, smokeless, no spark, scentless, unclad flame, healthy

Long Burning Time

4hours - 7hours

20kg, 25kg, 32kg Sacks as agreed.
1*40’FCL (20-21MT)
  • Freight: Seafreight, Shipper’s invoice to read “FOB” Lagos
  • BOL/Telex release order.
  • Packing lists
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
$650 per Metric Ton
Payment Terms
  • 100% irrevocable Confirmed LC.
  • Payment against documentation.
  • Bank Transfer (TT)
  • (CA) 70% initially payment 30% against documentation.
  • Credit Card payment (CC)
  • Using our gateway payment method

Q: Can you use this with other grills?
A: Yes, any grill that requires lump charcoal.

Q: How strong is the smoke? Have had problems with big green egg coal with excessive smoke.
A: That's why I stopped using BGE coal. Smoke is much less. You get a little flavour but not as bad. This is good for me because I use assorted flavour chips when I want that extra kick?!

If you're looking for where to buy or import Finger Grill Charcoal? We are the best exporters of Finger Charcoal in bulk. We supply with the best prices in the market for importers. Our Finger Charcoal can be purchased and 100% ships to any part of the world.

How we make Hardwood Charcoal -- Our hardwood charcoal is made from only natural hardwood, for example, oak, hickory, cherry, mesquite or even maple. It can also be made from hardwood scrap from sawmills, from building manufacturing materials and from pieces of furniture. All these scraps are then carbonized, that is, the pieces of hardwood are burned in a low oxygen environment which is a process that takes at least a week in industrial processing, and the scraps are put in large concrete or steel silos which have a very little oxygen concentration.

The process is stopped before the burning wood turns to ash which then leaves black lumps which are irregular in size. This process of making charcoal has ancient origins which date back to over thirty thousand years ago. Today, charcoal making is still practiced in most third-world countries. You can make your batch of hardwood charcoal in your backyard.

Also, lump charcoal is sold in most hardware stores at an affordable price.

How to light Hardwood or Lump Charcoal, Lighting hardwood charcoal and maintaining the consistency of heat is the toughest task while grilling.

There are two recommended methods for lighting up hardwood finger grill charcoal at the comfort of your home. They include; Pyramid method and Natural method, Hardwood charcoal is also used in water filtration due to its high absorption properties and it is also used in the extraction of metals. Hardwood charcoal adds a smoky or woody flavour to whatever is being grilled which is pleasant any hardwood charcoal that does not completely burn during grilling can be used on another occasion. All in all, hardwood charcoal can be used in all types of outdoor cooking appliances such as barrel grills and smoker or even ceramic cookers and it’s great for use in any occasion.

Our Finger Grill Charcoal is available for purchase globally, this charcoal is great for cooking on your outdoor grill or fire pit which makes it the perfect choice for you.

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